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§ 1. Background
This personal data policy (the “Policy”) sets out rules and guidelines on how personal data is to be handled on Uddens Sjögård AB / Scootboots Scandinavia (org. No. 556940-4659) website The policy states how personal data
collected, how they are used, how the site’s users have control over the management of their personal data how they can contact the person responsible for these issues.

§ 2. Purpose
The purpose of the policy is to provide the website users with information and answers on how their personal data may be handled on the website.

§ 3. Consent
a) Obtain consent In order for personal data to be processed, consent must first be obtained from the website’s users. The consent must be informative and clear so that all parties understand how the personal data is handled. We obtain consent in the following ways: Consent is obtained by where visitors can accept the terms of use and cookies, including the personal data policy.

b) Withdraw consent
Your personal information can be recalled at any time, which by contacting:

c) Delete personal data
When the consent is revoked, the user can request that her information be deleted from the website all servers. This is done by contacting our data protection representative via

§ 4. Processing of personal data

a) Personal data processed

The following personal information is collected on the website and processed by us:

Phone number

b) The purpose of the processing of personal data
Personal data is stored and processed for the following purposes:

Provide services, products and customer support
Marketing and advertising
Fulfillment of agreements

c) The personal data is shared with
The user’s personal data may be shared with third party (ies) as follows:
Your personal information may be shared with, among others, our parent company Uddens Sjögård AB and our partners which can be read about on the website

d) How long is the personal data stored?
Personal data may only be stored for as long as is necessary for the purpose. They will be saved as long as possible following:

We store personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes described in this policy, e.g. in order to we must be able to provide a service or product, to maintain and improve existing services, send necessary communication and marketing communication and fulfill our obligations under law. Since the needs may vary for different types of data and for different types of services, products and contexts,
varies the period we save the data.

§ 5. What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?
In order to be allowed to process personal data, it is required that there is a legal basis for this. We process personal data on the following grounds:
Then the processing of personal data is necessary for us to be able to fulfill an agreement that we have with you – e.g. to provide or administer a product or service you have purchased When the processing of personal data is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation e.g. accounting obligation

As we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data e.g. to be able to answer inquiries about goods or communicate with you about similar goods and services that you have previously purchased In the processing of personal data is permitted because you have given your consent to the

§ 6. Security and encryption
The website has an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) which ensures that users’ personal information transmitted securely and confidentially by encrypting the information. The website has also taken appropriate security measures to prevent personal data being stored the website is lost or used in an inappropriate or illegal way.
Access to the personal data collected is limited to authorized persons and the information comes treated confidentially. If a personal data incident occurs, the affected user will be notified and the Data Inspectorate will reported.

§ 7. Your rights
As a user whose personal data we process, you have certain rights that you can assert:

Right to information
You have the right to receive information when your personal data is processed. In the event of a personal data incident, you are in some cases as a registered person also entitled to special information. As personal data controllers, we, as data controllers, are obliged to report to the Data Inspectorate.

Right to rectification
As a registered user, you have the right to contact us to have any incorrect information corrected.

Right to delete
If any of the following conditions exist, you as a registered person have the right, without undue delay, to have your information deleted.
– The information is no longer needed for the purpose of the processing.
– The treatment is based on your consent, which you revoke.
– Treatment is for direct marketing, and you oppose this treatment.
– You oppose the treatment that takes place after our balancing of interests, and there are no justifiable reasons
which weighs heavier than your interest.
– The personal data has been processed in violation of law.
– Deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation.

Right to restriction
In individual cases, you as a registered person have the right to demand that the processing of your personal data be restricted. The right to restriction can e.g. be invoked if you believe that the information is incorrect and as a result have requested correction. Data portability As a user, you have in some cases the right to obtain, and in other places use, such information that you yourself have provided to us. This applies in cases where you have given your consent to the processing or if it is necessary for us to be able to provide products or services to you in accordance with the agreement entered into.

Right to object
The right to object to the processing of your personal data can be made in cases where we process these based on a balance of interests. If we believe that a treatment should still take place, we must show that there are interests that weigh more heavily. As a registrant, you always have the right to object to direct marketing.

In the event that you believe that your information has been processed in violation of applicable law, you should notify it as soon as possible
us, whereby we will investigate this. You can also report it to the Data Inspectorate.

If you have suffered damage due to your personal data being processed in violation of the Data Protection Ordinance, you may be entitled to damages. You can claim damages from us or bring an action for damages in court.

§ 8. Processing of personal data about children
Digital Island’s services and products are not intended for persons under 18 years of age

§ 9. Cookies
Our website uses so-called cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit one website. Cookies are used for certain functions that improve our websites for the user, or give us statistics about the use of our website. By law, everyone who visits a website must be informed of what cookies are used for. The user must also be given the opportunity to consent to the use of cookies for storage
or retrieve data in e.g. mobile or computer. Most browsers allow you to block cookies.

§ 10. Changes in the policy
This policy was published on December 8, 2021 and is continuously updated.
This policy may change in the future, so users are encouraged to read this policy periodically gap.

§ 11. Contact
Uddens Sjögård AB is responsible for personal data and is responsible for the personal data processed below the website Uddens Sjögård AB org. No. 556940-4659