Scootboots Scandinavia

World leader in hoof boot technology

Scoot Boots are designed by a farrier for the barefoot horse
to allow natural movement across all terrain

Our boots are perfect for all disciplines
and a dependable rehab and transition boot

Open toe, side window.

For optimal drainage, ventilation and pressure relief. Allows the hoof to flex and expand.

Ribbed sole

Contributes to a safer grip and attachment to the surface. Fit studs or spikes for extra anti-slip protection, winter time.

Lightweight, low profile

For optimal fit and performance. Average weight 250g. Completely without velcro and nylon. Antibacterial material.

shock absorbing

Stimulates the hoof mechanism and contributes to good hoof health, protects the sole and ligaments when riding in rough terrain.

Scootboots accessories

Explore our Scootboots accessories. Ice studs for safer grip in winter, Mud-Straps for riding in tough terrain, insoles, Anti-Slip slims that counteract twisting when the hoof is out of balance and much more.

HOOF CARE products

Care for the hooves for best hoof health. The hooves are mainly affected by lining and movement. With daily maintenance in combination with good hoof care products, you can keep your hooves free from rot and hoof-related problems.

Size & Fit

Let us guide you to the right size and fit. Use our size guide to determine the right size. Use the test guide before testing the boots to determine the fit of the boots.

About us

Scootboots Scandinavia is a Swedish family company that runs the distribution of Scootboots in Scandinavia. Read more about Scootboot’s history, get to know our ambassadors and watch videos about the products here.

elite riders compete in Scoot Boots

Amelia Campbell-Horne from South Africa, competes in Scoot Boots at grand prix level.

Latest news

Take part in our news and read exciting articles about how the world’s best riders have chosen to train and compete barefoot in combination with Scootboots hoof boots.

Barefoot vs. shod sport horses – farrier Aksel Vibe on the research project

Together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Agria has started a research study on how sport horses are affected by riding with and without shoes.

How is it in dressage?

Felicia Bermar Vistedt knows that if you want to go really far, you have to dare to make changes and try new things.

Peder on competing barefoot: “Preferably based on what is most natural”

A year ago, Peder Fredricson tried to remove the shoes of one of his horses. Today he looks at shoeing with new eyes, there are other alternatives than always having all the horses shod.

Our ambassadors

Get to know our ambassadors

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