Harry Swales – He rides

So many of you may know we’ve had a few changes recently. But one change you may not have noticed is that we are now ’sans shoes’. Why I hear you ask? Well I always believe that it’s good to give horses at least a break from shoes, but I have also always wanted to try no shoes properly IF it works for the horse. 

Some time ago Gogo lost a shoe, and I completely wrapped him in cotton wool worrying that he would hurt his foot, but after a few days I realised that Gogo couldn’t care less about his lack of shoe! It secretly gave me optimism that maybe he’d be a good candidate for shoeless. However let’s face it, the horse world is a judgy one and I can’t lie, a few people have inspired me to forget what others may think, not least @wimpyeventer and of course the whole Swedish Olympic Showjumping team! 

I also want to thank Urban Horse for the fantastic fitting advice and really timely delivery of my Scootboots the fitting advice was spot on! 👌Hey, it may only end up being a break from shoes but it won’t be wasted. 

Peder Fredricson wrote an article saying in effect that a good horseman knows their horse inside out including how horses react to no shoes. 

If nothing else I’ll just know my horse that much better!

📷 Natasha Swales – She Rides