Barefoot vs. shod sport horses – farrier Aksel Vibe on the research project

Together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Agria has started a research study on how sport horses are affected by riding with and without shoes.

How is it in dressage?

Felicia Bermar Vistedt knows that if you want to go really far, you have to dare to make changes and try new things.

Peder on competing barefoot: “Preferably based on what is most natural”

A year ago, Peder Fredricson tried to remove the shoes of one of his horses. Today he looks at shoeing with new eyes, there are other alternatives than always having all the horses shod.

Best choice of method of action? Barefoot effect or “Pasture Trim”?

At Scootboots, we always recommend that you hire an experienced, qualified barefoot worker or farrier with experience in barefoot work to take care of your barefoot horse's hooves. In this text, we will explain why and explore what a proper barefoot effect can do for your barefoot horse compared to a traditional pasture called "pasture trim".

Are YOU our next ambassador?

In 2022, YOU have the chance to become our next ambassador and part of Scootboots Scandinavia.
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